Together For a Brighter Tomorrow

About Us


More than twenty years ago, our home country, Rwanda has experienced some of the worse atrocities that any human being can ever fathom. Many of our members have witnessed these atrocities. In order to help our members cope with these traumas, R.A.Y.A strives to unite Rwandans, young and old. Our vision is to see that the members of our organization as well as those in the community we call home have the tools they need to navigate to lead a better tomorrow.


To meet the legitimate needs of our members as well as those of the communities we call home through mentoring, career advise, education, promote healthy lifestyles, good citizenship, lend a hand when it is needed, conduct yearly summits with various themes.

Join Us

Part of our charitable organization is to help one another not only to cope with our atrocious past, but also with a healthy adjustment in the United States, we need volunteers from all walks of life to help carry out our vision. While members and our friends can help pitch in to meet our yearly budgetary goal, it is hard to end the year with almost a negative balance on our books. We need you to be our sustaining member. Please give your time, talent and or treasure to give us wings that enable our 501c3 to reach new heights. Will you join us?


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